I'm Tami, a fifth-generation Montana ranch girl/woman and head nerd of the soil analysis unit at Soil Bio-Logics, LLC.  I enjoy almost all things ranch and science - except roping, I'm not good at that.  I completed coursework and became a Certified Soil Food Web Lab Technician in 2023 through the Soil Food Web School founded by Dr. Elaine Ingham.  My passion is improving soil health and helping those around me improve profits and production through biological methods.  Whether you are a rancher, farmer, landscaper, nursery owner, or backyard enthusiast I'm here to help!


I grew up in the Big Timber, Montana area on a working cattle and sheep ranch.  I received a B.S. in Biotechnology - Animal Systems from Montana State University in 2003.  I had BIG plans in science and then I married a military man and spent the next 18 years following him around the country and world.  To say it's expanded my horizons and broadened by perspective is an understatement.  I worked as a Chemist at a hazardous material recovery facility in Arizona (unless you're a superfund site your soil should look better than anything I saw there, yikes!), then as an Industrial Microbiologist for a medical device testing company in Utah, and finally as a stay at home mom to 3 kiddos.  Life took us overseas to South Korea, then back again to Alaska, Arizona and South Dakota.  It was in South Dakota, in the middle of a corn field, that I began to dig into soil biology and the difference it could make in crop and livestock production.  I saw a lot of farming practices that a gal from south-central Montana found pretty shocking.  I started raising grass fed lamb about 8 years ago (it was part of the marriage agreement that I could one day have 10 sheep if I moved around the world....I got 25.  Now we run about 65 head of ewes and the self-pronounced sheep hater isn't in that camp anymore.  Change is possible!).  He retired last year and we were fortunate to move back to the Big Timber area (with our sheep and kids, we brought them too!).  We now run cow/calf pairs, along with the sheep on the windy flats east of Big Timber.  Sign up below for my soil health newsletter - my goal is to educate on soil biological health and along the way share different ways we're using to try to improve soil and livestock health.